Evelyn Ashford (100m, 200 m/ Sports)

In the latter half of the 20 th century, curious, America ' s sprinter Evelyn Ashford participated in 4 Summer seasons Games: Canada 1976, Los Angeles 1984, Korea 1988, and Spain 1992, after winning the right in the United States Olympian Trials. By late 1980, she likewise belonged to the 1980 United States Olympic Team which boycotted the Moscow Games for political factors. As winning a number of medals and unique awards in the World Championships and National Tournaments, she won 2 Olympic medals throughout her athletic profession, amongst them one gold medal in the ladies ' s 100 m at the 23 rd Summer seasons Games.

Thomas Burke (Track & & Field)(** )

Throughout the First Modern Games in Greece ' s capital city of Athens, towards completion of the 19 th century, Thomas Burke won 2 Olympic gold medals: 100 m and 400 m, ending up being a leader in the history of track and field. A couple of years later on, the States had actually ended up being a powerhouse in sports in the world, winning various Olympic gold medals and setting lots of world records.

Cassius Clay (Boxing)

At the 1960 Olympic Games in the Italian capital of Rome, Kentucky-born Cassius Clay– then referred to as Muhammad Ali– made the light heavyweight gold medal. Thirty-six years later on, he lit the Olympian torch for the Centennial Games in Atlanta (Georgia, United States). After his triumph on Italian soil, he turned into one of the best expert fighters of perpetuity.

Janet Evans (Swimming)

By 1988, Janet Evans was among the most well-known swimmers in the world, after catching 3 gold medals– 400 m, 800 m and 400 m specific assortment– in the Games of the 24 th Olympiad in Seoul. Therefore, a year later on, she won James E. Sullivan Memorial Prize. In 1992, she won other title in the Summer seasons Games in Spain. Throughout her Olympian profession, she set 7 world records. She comes from Fullerton, CA.

Mia Hamm (Soccer)

Nearly everybody throughout the United States, from Chicago and Kansas City to Miami Beach, Salt Lake City and Anchorage, have actually heard the name Mia Hamm. Why? Historically, Miss Hamm is the most crucial gamer in America ' s soccer history (male or woman). By 1991, she rapidly made herself a name as a first-rate gamer when her nationwide team came in initially in the Inaugural FIFA World Champion. She assisted the United States group to a gold medal in the very first ladies ' s Soccer Olympic Competition throughout the 26 th Summer seasons Games. By 2004, her group ended up initially in the Summer seasons Games in Athens after a silver medal at the Sydney 2000 Games. Aside from discovering Olympic medals and other worldwide fulfills, she likewise led the American side to its 2nd FIFA World Cup in the end of the 1990 s; Hamm and her fellow Americans had actually caught the worldwide title by beating the group from individuals ' s Republic of China (PRC), 5-4, on chastening starts the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (CA). Hamm was born upon March 17, 1972 in Selma, Alabama. Expense Clinton, the previous President of the United States, among her fans.

Bruce Jenner (Decathlon/ Track & & Field)

At the 1976 Montreal Games, Bruce Jenner caught the decathlon occasion and set a brand-new world record of 8.618points throughout a fight with Nikolai Avilov of the USSR (his primary competitor), whon ended up third. Due to his noticable efficiency in Canada, Jenner was among the most popular sportspersons in the 70 s.

Carl Lewis (Track & & Field)(** )

On the world phase, Carl Lewis is a sporting icon due to his wins in the Summer seasons Games. Remarkably, he has actually won 9 Olympian gold medals (100m, 200 m, 4x100m relay, long dive), turning into one of the best male professional athletes in the 20 th Century, in addition to Jesse Owens (track) and Nikolai Adrianov (gymnastics). In addition, he won 10 golds at the IAAF World Tournaments in Western Europe and Japan. He comes from Birmingham, Alabama.

Edwin Moses (Sports)

Edwin Moses never ever lost a race from 1977 up until1987 122 wins! Over that years, he accumulated 2 Olympic gold medals (Montreal '-LRB- *******************************) & & Los Angeles '84). Moses came onto the scene as a global icon on the planet when he caught the guys ' s 110 m obstacles at the XXI Summer seasons Games in Canada in July1976 Throughout those Games, he broke John Akii-Bua ' s Olympic record with 47.64seconds. 4 years later on, he reduced his individual record to 47.13

Jesse Owens (100m, 200 m, long dive/ Track & & Field)

Jesse Owens composed history for the United States of America after winning 4 Olympic gold medals at the 1936 Games in Berlin (Germany). With a time of 10.3 seconds (a brand-new world record), he caught the 100 m. Then, after beating Lutz Long of Germany, the heavy-favorite in Berlin '-LRB- ************************************), Owens came in very first location in the guys ' s long leap. In addition to winning the gold, in the following day, he set a brand-new Olympic record of 20.3 seconds in the 200 m. Under the instructions of Owens, U.S.A won the guys ' s 4 x 100 m with a brand-new world record of 39.8 seconds. Owens comes from Alabama.

Michael Phelps (Aquatics)

Thought about as the “” The majority of Exceptional Professional athlete of the 21 st Century””, Michael Phelps has actually won 14 more gold medals than the combined overall of 10 nations around the world: India (a nation with a billion residents and that made its Olympic launching in 1900) Iceland, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Luxembourg, Moldova, Sudan, Brunei Darussalam, and the Socialist republic of Vietnam. By 2004, Phelps caught 6 golds at the Athens Games. In the next Games, he chose an overall of 8 Olympic gold medals. He was born upon June 30, 1985, in Baltimore (Maryland).

Mark Spitz (Aquatics)

At the 1972 Munich Summer seasons Games, the most impressive swimming efficiency was accomplished by Mark Spitz (U.S.A), who got an overall of 7 golds. Prior to the 1970 s, Spitz made 5 continental prizes in the Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), a record which stayed unbeaten up until 2007 when Brazil ' s star swimmer Thiago Pereira won lots of golds in the Continental Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Jim Thorpe (Decathlon/ Sports)

With 8,847points, Jim Thorpe ended up being the very first American to win the Olympic decathlon throughout the Games of the Fifth Olympiad in Stockholm, Sweden. Historically, he is thought about among the best well-rounded professional athletes of perpetuity. Strangely enough, this incredible professional athlete won subscription in more athletic halls of popularity than other American in the Twentieth Century. Following his sporting profession, he selected functioning as a profession. He has actually ended up being the most popular professional athlete in American history.


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