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I wish to delve into certainly one of my (and most cooks) favourite issues to cook dinner. We devour potatoes each day whether or not its mashed potatoes, french fries, chips, thickening soups, and even having fun with a glass of vodka along with your caviar. 300 and twenty 5 million tons of potatoes are grown yearly worldwide, however what are they really product of?


Properly to begin probably the most fascinating supplies present in a potato is starch. A potato, relying on the range, consists of about 18% starch.That is what makes the potato probably the most consumed greens throughout the globe. Its what makes fries, roasted potatoes, potato pancakes, and residential fries crispy, brown and scrumptious. You need excessive starch potatoes for frying and low starch for mashed potatoes, it is because If a potato is simply too starchy it would make gluey mashed potatoes. When you’ve got received a while in your fingers a little bit of persistence you should utilize the starch to your benefit to create a really cool windowed chip by slicing two very skinny slices of potato placing a parsley leaf in between the 2 and frying them.


Relying on the number of potato and the place it was grown the water content material of a potato is about 78%. The potatoes containing extra water similar to a Yukon gold or pink bliss are greatest for mashed potatoes, gratins, or baking. The potatoes with much less moisture content material are greatest for frying or sauteing.

The remainder of the potato consists of many good issues similar to about 2-5% protein, which the USDA has concluded is of excessive nutritive worth. Vitamin C, sugar, fiber, and.1% fats.

I hope to have taught you somewhat extra in regards to the potato and that will help you respect this nice vegetable. A vegetable that had fed the poor and ravenous for hundreds of years.

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