Closed Border States are nice for those that owe cash to reside in as a result of numerous assortment companies can by no means name you or contact you in any means.

The exceptions to this are industrial accounts and if the gathering company that’s making an attempt to gather a debt from you has a license in the identical state that you’re positioned in.

How this works to your benefit is that if the gathering company that’s making an attempt to gather a debt from you that does not have a license in your state they’re not going to find a way to put something in your credit score report in any respect. Let me clarify why …. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Acts state that you’ve got to notify the debtor (that's you) in writing that you’ve got 30 days to dispute the validity of a debt in writing or the Debt can be assumed legitimate. Since a set company is not allowed to contact you if you reside in a Closed Border State they will not ship that to you and even in case you had been not in a Closed Border State if you made the debt you continue to have it eliminated .

To do that you’re going to want to dispute your invoice. Let me make this clear up entrance this does not make the debt go away, but it surely does get it off of your credit score report. If you reside in a Closed Border State and owe cash to a set company that does not have a license in your state (most companies do not have licenses in a number of states however a number of do) what you want to do is get the mailing Address of the gathering company that’s reporting it to your credit score report. Along with the tackle you’re going to want to get your account quantity, reference quantity, or file quantity. That's all the data you’re going to want and may get it in a single very fast cellphone name it will likely be fast and painless. Now that you’ve got all of your account info you're going to ship them a written letter of dispute. Now on this dispute you’re going to need to particularly state in it that "if you can not validate this debt I want it removed from my credit report immediately."

Now the actual magnificence about being in a closed border state is that you could nonetheless contact the gathering company any time you need about something in your account they usually can not contact you again even if you inform them to name you again they nonetheless by legislation can not name You. What you do is ship the dispute letter to the gathering company along with your demand on it that it’s eliminated out of your credit score, then name them on the cellphone each couple of days simply to verify and see in the event that they acquired it off of your credit score report Or not.

Below is an inventory of the entire Closed Border States

New Jersey
New York *
North Carolina
North Dakota
West Virginia

* New York is not statewide it’s in Buffalo and New York City you’ll need to verify your Attorney General to know for completely certain.


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