Nowadays, there are extra and extra imitated equipment on market, and the imitations are extra and extra beautiful. Some gadgets are even exhausting to be recognized, what's extra, the worth is less expensive than the true ones, and due to this fact, the imitated equipment change into the favor of the wonder.

OK, let me introduce the which means to 18KGP, 23KGP

18KGP, 23KGP is the image of alloy. They consist of two brand composition, 18Okay or 23Okay is a brand, Okay signify the worth, beforehand the gold content material, the system is Au wt% = Okay / 24 x 100%, in line with the GB11887-89 nationwide regulation, the gold content material Of every Okay worth for four.166%, so you’ll be able to know 18Okay comprises 75% of gold whereas 23Okay comprises round 95%.

GP is the English abbreviation of Gold Plate. This type of brand returns to the supplies of the metallic are primarily phosphor copper, the product is made beneath excessive temperature forging and then lined with gold-plated layer. According to totally different necessities, the thickness might be 1 mic or three mic, consequently, 18Okay or 23Okay which we point out earlier than means gold content material of the gold-plated layer. Here perhaps somebody will concern that "why 18KGP or 23KGP jewelry is mostly white instead of yellow?" Actually, that is confusion between pure gold and Okay gold. Generally, one of the options of pure gold is that they’re very limp, so when setting the gem to the pure gold equipment it can fall off simply. Therefore, folks will add silver, copper, zinc and different metallic to pure gold whereas making jewellery, the aim is to extend its power and toughness, such type of alloy is known as Okay gold.

Through this technique, Okay gold can reached the nobleness like pure gold, and can also provide a niche of pure gold, however, Okay gold might be made into varied coloration in line with totally different wants. In the worldwide modern jewellery retailer, you’ll be able to see totally different varieties of colours, however the most typical coloration is yellow and white. Okay gold might be divided into coloured gold alloy and white gold alloy by totally different colours. In jewellery trade, what getting used widly is the Au-Ag-Cu (Zn) alloy, White gold are principally the Au-Ag-Ni (Cu, Zn) alloy and Au-Ag-PD (Zn, Cu) alloy. When Gold combine 25% of palladium, nickel or zinc, It will change into white and its major element continues to be gold, this sort of alloy is known as white Okay gold.

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