The quest for love unites us all. What when you might discover it – and a easy fragrance might assist? That could be magic, wouldn’t it? Read on!

In the non secular traditions of the Amazon in Peru, this magical fragrance known as pusanga. It is a comprised of flowers and vegetation which have the facility to draw to the individuals who put on it the issues they actually need. For that purpose, pusanga has developed a formidable status as "the love medicine of the Amazon" 'as a result of love, after all, is the factor most individuals do need!


Beautiful smells derived from flowers and herbs have all the time been used for therapeutic and interesting love. Even the phrase 'fragrance' comes from per fumer (Latin, 'by way of smoke'), and is a reference to its ritual use in ceremonies for the gods who supply love's blessings.

The historic Greeks, for instance, believed that candy aromas have been how the deities made their presence identified. The oracle priestesses of Delphi would sit within the smoke of bay leaf incense to permit these gods to talk by way of them throughout divinations to assist folks of their seek for love.
In India, too, seers known as dainyals would encompass themselves with smoke – this time of cedarwood – which might ship them into trance and provides them prophetic visions.
Fragrance has additionally lengthy been related to the humanities of affection. In Japan, Geisha ladies priced their providers in response to the variety of incense sticks consumed throughout love-making, whereas in Indian tantric rituals, males have been anointed with sandalwood, and ladies with jasmine, patchouli, amber, and musk. Saffron was crushed and smeared profit their toes.

The purpose for these rituals is that odor is essentially the most highly effective of our senses and is ready to stimulate need, longing, and lust, stir our reminiscences, and carry associations of affection and happiness. Scientists have discovered that even a yr after we meet a brand new particular person, their aroma locations in our minds, whereas visible reminiscence drops to 50% after simply three months, so we could not even bear in mind their faces. The sense of odor is dealt with by the limbic system, which controls our feelings, so perfumes evoke emotions in addition to reminiscences, and we expertise not simply an odor however a temper.

This is the key of pusanga. By mixing vegetation and flowers to create explicit aromas which have an effect on the moods of those that odor them, the shamans of the Amazon say that pusanga may cause anybody to fall hopelessly in love with the wearer. One of those shamans, Javier Aravelo, places it this manner: "When you pour pusanga onto your skin it penetrates your spirit and gives you the power to draw in love."

How you discover the fitting vegetation to do that is one other secret, generally known as the Doctrine of Signatures. This is the concept the Creator has left a mark or "signature" on each plant on this planet to indicate what it’s used for. The discoverer of this phenomenon was Paracelsus, a sixth century alchemist who noticized how the looks of vegetation so typically displays their qualities – that the seeds of skullcap, for instance, resemblance small skulls and, it seems, are efficient at curing headache, or That willow, which grows in damp locations, heals rheumatic circumstances, that are attributable to damp and the construct-up of fluid on the joints.

In truth, as Thomas Bartram, a contemporary herbalist, observes in his Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, "Examinations are numerous." It is a curiosity that many liver treatments have yellow flowers, these for the nerves (blue), for the spleen (orange) , For the bones (white) Serpentaria (Rauwolfia) resembles a snake and is an outdated conventional treatment for snake-chew. Herbalism confirms the Doctrine of Signatures ".


Following this Doctrine, the idea for pusanga within the Amazon is agua de colpa. This is water collected from clay swimming pools deep within the rainforest, the place there are not any folks, solely 1000’s of brightly-coloured animals who collect to drink from the water. Some of those animals are pure enemies, however on the clay swimming pools they stand peacefully collectively to drink from water which is wealthy in mineral content material and wanted for his or her nicely-being. This water, in different phrases, has the facility to draw a number of the most lovely creatures on the planet to a spot the place they exist harmoniously collectively.

Added to this magical water are particular herbs, vegetation, barks, roots or leaves, which even have the standard of attraction attributable to their colours, names, or the place and the way they develop. In the rainforest, for instance, there are vines known as sogas, that are acknowledged as pusanga vegetation as a result of they wrap themselves round timber and draw near them so that they develop collectively.

Special painted liquids, reminiscent of agua florida (which suggests "water for flourishing"), are also added to the mixture, which is then blessed by the shaman to empower it. This is done by blowing or singing into the pusanga, sometimes with the breath, sometimes with sacred tobacco smoke. The traditional blessing whispered to the pusanga is "salud, dinero y amor" ("well being, cash and love").

Once it’s made, pusanga is used like a fragrance, with a couple of drops rubbed on the heartbeat factors of the wrists and neck, or a capful or two might be added to tub water.


If you need extra love in your life (and who doesn’t!) And wish to make pusanga of your individual, simply comply with these directions and romance will come your means!

The Doctrine of Signatures is your information to accumulating the vegetation you want. Pusanga vegetation for love all have sure traits. Their names are sometimes vital, reminiscent of passionflower or honeysuckle ("honey" for sweetness and "suckle" for nurturing). Their colours are vibrant and enticing. The means they develop can also be vital (ivy, for instance, winds itself round different vegetation so the 2 intertwine and are drawn nearer collectively). Their archetypal qualities can also name you (rose, for instance, is nowdays virtually synonymous with love). Where the vegetation develop may have that means (two vegetation standing collectively in daylight inside an in any other case darkish forest signify a vibrant future, for instance) – and so forth. Look for vegetation that imply one thing to you and the wishes you could have.

When you find every plant spend a bit of time with it, explaining your want and asking it to supply itself to you earlier than you choose it (you do not want to take the entire plant; a single leaf, a flower, or a chunk of Bark will do as this incorporates the vitality of the entire. Try to keep away from taking roots when you can.) Then, while you take a chunk, supply your thanks and typically a present of your individual, reminiscent of corn or tobacco, as they do within the Amazon. All of that is vital in serving to you join with nature and develop the fitting angle of respect.

When you could have the vegetation you need, take them dwelling and put them in a transparent bottle. If you propose to make use of the pusanga over a couple of days, you’ll be able to fill the bottle with water taken from 'energy locations', reminiscent of Holy water from a church or a spot of non secular energy just like the Chalice Well at Glastonbury, or you need to use Spring or mineral water. If you wish to preserve the pusanga some time, although, it’s higher to make use of alcohol as an alternative of water as it will protect the vegetation.

You may add aromatherapy oils to your mix, which, in conventional magic, even have useful qualities. To appeal to a brand new lover, for instance, add a couple of drops of rose, jasmine, and bergamot. For a 'deepening love' add rose, vanilla, and a sprinkling of gold glitter. For ardour throughout love-making after getting discovered your mate, add ginger, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Finally, add your prayers to the combination, too, because the shamans do, by blowing thrice into the pusanga bottle when you inform the fragrance what you need it to do for you. Then put on it as a scent and count on extra love in your life!

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