Guinea pigs are fascinating and distinctive pets whose traits make them very utterly totally different from totally different pet rodents. Let’s check out their diversified traits to see why they’re such loveable, attention-grabbing creatures.


Cavies have very harmful eyesight, and in its place are prone to rely upon their totally different senses slightly greater than folks do.

Their senses of contact, odor, and listening to are very correctly developed, giving them the ability to hunt out their means spherical their setting merely and quickly, sniffing out meals and recognizing predators in a great deal of time.

Bodily Functionality

On account of they’ve pretty big our our bodies and stumpy legs, they are not considerably nimble. They’re going to run fairly quickly, nonetheless they’re very poor at dealing with obstacles, and may’t climb steep slopes. Due to this, it’s best to supply them a single stage cage if the least bit potential.

Cavies are strong swimmers, which is a functionality that perhaps developed throughout the wild. Nonetheless, they don’t actually like swimming, in order that it is best to by no means drive your pets to swim.


Guinea pigs speak using a language of chatters, squeals, and rumbles. Each sound has a particular which means, which is ready to help you to get to know your pets and decipher what they want.

You might also uncover that your guinea pigs make a singing sound which sounds tons like a hen. Nobody is definite exactly what this means, nonetheless it is beautiful to experience.


Guinea pigs have a superb memory, and may bear in mind a route by a maze for loads of months. They’re moreover able to bear in mind who their proprietor is, which is a inconceivable feeling and ends in a selected bond between you and your animals.


Guinea pigs are pretty anxious pets, and are merely scared by loud or sudden sounds. Resulting from this, it’s essential always technique them rigorously, and stay away from making loud sounds near them. In case your pets do get nervous, talk to them in a delicate, soothing voice to help them loosen up.

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