Texture is a crucial element for any scrapbook internet web page, greeting card or Three-D craft enterprise. You’ll merely add texture with paper that is crimped… that is, it has pleats like a hand-held paper fan. Listed below are Three other ways to create Crimped Paper… use them in your subsequent craft enterprise!

Using a Paper Crimping Software program

To clarify how these devices work… take into account a Pasta Machine. Dough is positioned into the throat of the machine; you use a crank to feed the dough earlier two rollers; the dough comes out of the machine merely one of the simplest ways you want it. That’s the exact course of for crimping paper with a specific software program. The excellence is that the software program’s two rollers have ridges that create pleats throughout the paper. Crimpers may very well be purchased with rollers which have parallel strains, or wavy strains, each one supplying you with a singular look. Yow will uncover each mannequin in numerous craft present outlets, or order a parallel-line crimper out of your Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

Crimping Paper with a Paper Cutter

You in all probability have a Paper Cutter with a Scoring Blade, you’ll add a ‘crimp’ to any paper. Reduce your piece to the dimensions and width you need, retaining in ideas that after you “crimp” the paper could be barely smaller as a result of folds. You will make two set of ranking marks – one set on both facet of the paper. This offers you with “hills” and “valleys” which you will then pleat like a hand-held paper fan.

Right here is the appropriate approach to create ‘crimps” that are 1/4″ inch deep: Start by making a ranking mark half” from the acceptable fringe of your paper, after which ranking every half” in your total dimension of your paper (these are the “hills”). Flip your paper over and place the first ranking mark on the grove of your paper cutter. Now switch your paper 1/4″ to the acceptable and make a ranking. Now ranking every half” in your total dimension of your piece (these are the “valleys”). Now pleat your paper as when you’ve gotten been making a fan. Make sure that each fold is properly creased, ideally with a Bone Folder or comparable software program.

Crimping Paper by Hand

Now that you just understand the concept of crimped paper – make pleats after which fold like a fan – you’ll create distinctive crimps by hand. Make the hills and valleys by creating your first fold, then flip it over and fold as soon as extra, repeating this course of in your total dimension of your piece. This generally is a very time-consuming technique nonetheless it offers you the flexibleness to create pleats of varied widths on one piece of paper. This may create a very dramatic look and add quite a few texture.

In Summary

These three sorts of making crimped paper – with a specific software program, alongside along with your paper cutter, or by hand – will create a piece of paper that may undoubtedly add an stunning and dramatic look to your subsequent enterprise. I hope you make some Crimped Paper in a short time!

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