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Capital Gain Tax with respect to Real Estate

If you have dealt with property resale, you must be aware of Capital Gain Tax. In this article we will discuss more about it and help you understand how prevailing Capital Gain Tax can affect your decision in selling or buying property. Types of Capital Gain Tax: 1. Short Term Capital Gains: Properties, those are […]

How to Interpret Various Technical Terms Used in Real Estate Market? Part 2

Subsequent to our article, How to Interpret Various Technical Terms Used in Real Estate Market? , we furnish more technical terms used widely and frequently in real estate markets to educate our readers in matters related to property buying and selling. Blueprint: Blueprint is the detailed set of construction plans acting as the main guide […]

How to Interpret Various Technical Terms Used in Real Estate Market?

The proliferation of thousands of property developers offering excellent apartment complexes in all major cities and towns and the plethora of home loans provided by banks and other financial institutions had made home buying easy, interesting and attractive. Many property developers extend significant discounts or special prices to beat the severe competition existing in the […]

To Buy a House or To Rent a House?

There is an old saying in Indian villages, ‘Even a rat’s hole should be its own hole’. It is true that own house has its own advantages. A well-built house lasts for several decades and can be utilized by successive generations. Further, a house is among the safest and most secure investments possible. Property values […]

Valuable Tips on Real Estate Investment in India

Is there anyone in India or anywhere else, who does not dream of owning a piece of land? Real estate in India has its origins extending beyond several millennia. From time immemorial, both men and women had been drawn towards the possession of two objects over everything else, namely gold and land. The glitter of […]

Home Loan Insurance Plan vs. Term Insurance Plan: Which is the Better Option?

Home loans are the most common among the larger liabilities for the present generation in their life. Most of the youngsters are quite prudent today and obtain home loans between the age of 25 and 30, so that they can live separately as a small nuclear family after marriage, instead of staying with their parents. […]