Capital Gain Tax with respect to Real Estate

If you have dealt with property resale, you must be aware of Capital Gain Tax. In this article we will discuss more about it and help you understand how prevailing Capital Gain Tax can affect your decision in selling or buying property. Types of Capital Gain Tax: 1. Short Term Capital Gains: Properties, those are […]

How to Balance Between Paying Off Debts and Investments?

Most people remain confused when it comes to the decision of selecting between paying off debts and planning for investments. You will start thinking about this critical financial issue in your life when you look at a financial planning programme on NDTV Profit or when you are discussing something with your insurance agent. At times, […]

Mutual Funds 101 – How Can You Use Mutual Funds to Multiply Your Investments?

Mutual funds are the brainchild of Wall Street, the financial hub of New York City in United States of America. Mutual funds are considered as the easiest investment avenues in the financial markets and least stressful. In the last two decades, mutual funds have attracted more money than any other investment avenue. Still, before you […]

Stock Trading with Margin Money is Quite Attractive but Highly Dangerous

Margin is the amount that an investor can borrow from a stock brokering house or an individual stock broker. With a few thousand dollars in your account, you will be able to buy either double or triple that value of stocks with the money that you borrow from the stock broker. The stock broker will […]

How can you Become Wealthy? – An Investment Guide for Beginners

All of us desire financial freedom and wealth. However, most of us are completely ignorant on how to achieve this or how one can become wealthy. Here, we present a few crucial points that can help you in fulfilling this dream. 1. You Should Change Your View of Money Many of us have some kind […]