Home Loan Insurance Plan vs. Term Insurance Plan: Which is the Better Option?

Home loans are the most common among the larger liabilities for the present generation in their life. Most of the youngsters are quite prudent today and obtain home loans between the age of 25 and 30, so that they can live separately as a small nuclear family after marriage, instead of staying with their parents. […]

Online insurance plans: The best way to buy term insurance

Manish Malhotra, a Delhi based advertising executive, always considered life insurance plans as investment tools. But just a chance search for online insurance last month changed the way he looked at it. It was that chance search which made him aware of i-Life, the term plan of Aviva Life Insurance that would provide him a […]

How much insurance cover do I need?

Ok.  So you are finally convinced of the desirability of term insurance and have decided to go for it. However, the question now is how much insurance cover you should opt for. Will 20 lakh be enough, or should it be 30 lakh, 50 lakh, 1 crore…? The question would not arise if the premiums […]

Top-up Facility in ULIPs: Use it to Your Advantage

A query from a reader the other day set me thinking. He wrote, “I have an ICICI pension plan which I wanted to top up. When I approached my agent, he told me that I could do so at just 1% charge. Finding it difficult to believe, I rang up the call center of the […]